2023 Sweets Showdown Flavor List

APPLE OF MY EYE - Vanilla bean ice cream with apple swirl & pieces of cheesecake

BATTER UP - Cake batter ice cream, nilla wafer gravel, sprinkles & buttercream drops

BEE'S KNEES - Sweet cream ice cream with honeycomb candy (GF)

BLUEBERRY HILL - Brown sugar ice cream with oatmeal cookies & blueberry swirls

BREAKUP BLUES - Blueberry pomegranate sorbet with dark chocolate stracciatella (V, GF)

BUMP, SET, SCOOP - Cream cheese ice cream with brownies, red velvet cake, & Oreo crunch

BUTTER NOT BRICKLE MY HEART - Toffee ice cream with dark chocolate toffee pieces from Tasty Good Toffee

CAKE A WISH - Cake batter ice cream with cake batter crunch, sprinkles, & buttercream drops

CAUGHT RED HANDED - Cream cheese ice cream with red velvet cake pieces and a cream cheese swirl

CEDAR'S CIRCUS - Cake batter ice cream with infamous circus animal cookies, buttercream frosting drops, and sprinkles.

CHAPEL OF LOVE - Almond ice cream with pieces of buttercream frosted wedding cake & a strawberry swirl

CHOWNIE TOWN - Chocolate hazelnut sorbet with chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie pieces (V, GF, contains honey)

CREEPY CRAWLERS - A dark chocolate ice cream with a pudding swirl, Oreo gravel, and topped with gummy worms

FLUFFER NUTTIEST - Chocolate peanut butter ice cream with chocolate swirls, marshmallow fluff & chocolate covered peanuts (DF, GF)

HAZY DAYZ - Chocolate hazelnut and almond butter ice cream with Oreos and peanut butter cookie dough (V, DF, GF)

KRAMPUS - Chocolate hazelnut ice cream with chocolate frosted cookies & sprinkles (DF, GF)

LEMONARDO DICAPRIO - Cream cheese ice cream with blueberry swirl and lemon bars

MY BATTER HALF - Vanilla ice cream with brownies, Oreo gravel, and a brownie batter swirl

ON A ROLL - Vanilla ice cream with cinnamon roll cheesecake (from High Society Cheesecake), caramel swirl, and Nilla wafer crunch

OOEY GOOEY GOODNESS - Butter pecan ice cream with ooey gooey butter bars, chopped praline pecans, & a creamy butterscotch caramel swirl

PEACHY KEEN - Vanilla bean ice cream with peach cobbler and peach-caramel swirl

PUMPKIN SCREAM CHEESE - Cream cheese ice cream with pumpkin cheesecake bars, a caramel swirl, and oat streusel

RAZZLE DAZZLE - Raspberry ice cream with lemon curd & shortbread cookies (DF, GF)

REINDEER CHOW - Peanut butter marshmallow ice cream with reindeer (puppy) chow (GF)

RHU BERRYMORE - Vanilla bean ice cream with a strawberry rhubarb swirl and oat streusel pieces

ROCKIEST ROAD - Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow swirls & toasted almonds (DF, GF)

SANTA'S FAVORITE COOKIE - Sweet cream ice cream with frosted sugar cookies & Christmas sprinkles

TIGER STRIPES - Cream cheese ice cream with Oreo pieces and a caramel swirl

UNICORN CHOW - Cream cheese ice cream with birthday cake puppy chow and sprinkles (GF)

WATERMELON SUGAR - Watermelon & lemon sorbet (vegan)

WHISKEY BUSINESS - Bourbon whiskey butter pecan ice cream with butter pecan pieces & brown butter caramel swirl

YABBA DABBA DOO - Fruity pebble infused sweet cream ice cream with fruity pebble crunch & a marshmallow swirl (GF)

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